Bogdan Stefan

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Experienced Organizational Development Consultant with over 10 years experience in Learning & Development, Executive Coaching and areas involving Behavioral Analysis, like Recruitment, Assessment and Development Centers, Outplacement.

  • 10 years experience in Learning and Development (training, experiential learning, coaching, career counseling, assessment centers);
  • 8 years experience in Recruiting (volume recruiting, head hunting, recruiting for culture, outplacement projects);
  • Created and implemented Learning, Development and Talent Management programs for companies like Luatel and Ipsos Interactive Services;
  • 4 years experience in Data Analysis, Statistics, CRM and Customer Service related flows;
  • Developed and implemented Performance Mangement and People Analytics systems.

Learning & Development


My approach to training is based on either of two principles - experiential learning or behavioral coaching.

The experiential learning programs are based on David Kolb's adult learning cycle of four phases. These programs include games that are unique and specifically designed to create the context where specific behaviors can be observed, conceptualized, and transformed into take-aways for our everyday lives.

Behavioral coaching is a technique that uses clear behaviors needed to develop specific skills. The training programs using this technique are more like coaching sessions where the objective is manifesing the behaviors and overcoming the obstacles that keep us from doing that.

Soft Skills
  • Communication - Having a look inside to see who is the one communicating with the outside world - based on the Transactional Analysis theory by Eric Berne.
  • Client Service - Discovering and overcoming the obstacles that keep us from having a win-win, customer-oriented attitude.
  • Sales - Building relationships to clients while understanding the "common playground" on which what we have to offer intersects with the client's needs.
  • Presentation skills - Practicing the key behaviors that support us when delivering an impactful presentation.
  • Train the Trainer - A program based on my own experience of over 10 years as a trainer and facilitator.
Professional Skills
  • Time Management - Going beyond procrastinating and instant gratification, by using specially designed tools to manage tasks and becoming more time-efficient.
  • Change Management - Overcoming the internal barriers that force us into our comfort zone, while embracing the opportunities of change.
Managerial Skills
  • Models of motivation - Having a look at motivational theories - from Maslow to Douglas McGregor - and choosing the model that best suits your team.
  • Managerial team events - Customized events involving many types of activities - from experiential learning to group facilitation - based on the client's needs.

Empowerment Centric Framework - developed but not yet implemented - This framework connects the 3 main pillars of development - Training, Coaching and Management - providing a framework for every employee to become the master of their own development. More details to follow.


I became passionate about this in 2012, when I discovered myself how coaching can change your life. Since then I have developed myself in 3 areas: Executive Coaching, Career Counselling and Behavioral Coaching using accredited psychometric tools (Human Synergystics LSI, GSI, OCI)

Executive Coaching - I worked with several clients over the past years to support them in choosing the best way for handling their issues. The clients could choose the way we worked - in coaching programs or unique solution-focused sessions.

Career Counselling - In my experience as a recruiter I always assisted the candidates that weren't selected by my clients, to plan the next steps in their careers - sometimes even involving radical changes.

Behavioral Coaching - Sometimes it can be difficult to align to specific (industry) standards. I assisted people in several projects to overcome the barriers that prevented them from behaving efficiently.

August 2008 - Present

Behavioral Analysis

Assessment & Development Centers

I was involved in several Assessment or Development Centers - from planning and organizing to assessing participants. I've used standard methodologies (like SHL) but I am a big fan of customized methodologies and competencies.


I was involved in 2 outplacement projects - one I developed end-to-end and in the other I was just an assessor.


I recruited candidates mainly for the IT industry, using behavioral analysis to produce the most objective candidate report possible. I believe people should be hired based on a fair evaluation.

July 2010 - Present

Web Development

Software I developed in PHP, MySQL, HTML and CSS

  • Conta PRIM -Bookkeeping software
  • ssmAdmin - Software to evaluate the occupational risks
  • eValoare - Performance management software
  • - Recruiting website and Candidate Management System (it only works as a website now)
Aug 2007 - Present


  • Albalact
  • BCR Erste
  • British American Tobacco
  • Business Days
  • Cit One
  • Cons Electrificarea Instal
  • Glaxo Smith Kline
  • Oracle University
  • Orange Shared Services
  • Provident
  • Prutul
  • Rombat
  • Rutronik
  • UNDP Romania
  • Vienna Insurance Group
  • WWF Romania